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About Meditation Words 0.4.6

This version of Meditation Words is available in the Android Market!

This simple Android application walks the user through a variety of exercises and prayers which can be used for meditation. Meditation Words shows words or phrases on the top and bottom of the screen. The top is for your in-breath, and the bottom is for your out-breath. You can optionally enable soothing ocean wave sounds.

The words fade in and out at a breathing pace, and the animation slows after a few breaths (view screenshots).

There are several built-in exercise, including a simple breathing exercise, Buddhist readings, selections from Tao Te Ching, and Christian prayers. You can input your own mediation or prayer using OI Notepad, if installed.

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Using Meditation Words

Press the "Begin" button to start the breathing exercise.

As the words at the top of the screen fade in, breath in.

As the words at the bottom of the screen fade in, breath out.

When the words at the bottom are fading in, the words at the top will fade out.

To Change the Words

Press the "Menu" button, and select "Settings" you will have the choice of a handful of built-in meditations, or you can choose a custom note. If you choose a custom note, you should be redirected to OI Notepad, where you can choose any note (encrypted notes are currently note supported).

After clicking on a note, if it doesn't return to the Meditation Words window, click the back button. Some versions of OI Notepad don't return properly.

Installing and Getting New Versions

Install from the Android Market. Download here. To get automatic updates, please install OI Update on your Android phone. It will tell you when new versions are available.


Some portions of this software are taken with permission from the OpenIntents Project. The ocean audio is used with permission from the author, Canton Becker of

Download the application. For user reviews, visit: cyrket.

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