Animate Login Demo

Thanks for your interest in this demonstration of using a mobile device and a QR code to authenticate to a browser. We have written a blog post about how the app will ideally work, so please see that for more details.

We are joining forces with another open source project called tiqr, and we are developing a new app with the best features from both systems. You can download the app here and use it to log into our test system. Please feel free to leave a comment and tell us what you think.

  1. Allow non-market sources for apps: Settings -> Applications -> Unknown sources. (This will be unnecessary when the app is in the market).
  2. Install the test app by clicking here or scanning this code:

  3. If you get a warning about replacing an existing app, you most likely already have the tiqr app installed. Note: this test app is signed with the debug key.
  4. Try the test installation, probably by enrolling for a new account.
  5. For the source code and other demos, see

Instructions for the old Animate Login app are below:

This demonstration requires three apps, a barcode scanner, OI Safe (for encrypting), and the "Animate Login" app.

  1. Install Barcode Scanner from ZXing..
  2. Install OI Safe from OpenIntents. AnimateLogin uses OI Safe to encrypt stored passwords.
  3. Allow non-market apps to be installed: "Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources".
  4. Scan the small QR code below with Barcode Scanner and install the Animate Login app.
  5. Launch the app and check your preferences. Be sure to configure it with an email address if it isn't pre-populated with one.
  6. Scan the large QR code below to create an account.
  7. Refresh your browser and you should hopefully be logged in with your new account. On a production system, the refresh could happen automatically; I just haven't gotten around to implementing that.
  8. Add a comment or something to tell me if it works :)
  9. Log out
  10. Try logging in again. Click on login in the upper right corner.

To install the app scan this code

animateLoginLink.png428 bytes
AnimateLoginAndroid.apk320.68 KB
AnimateLoginTiqrAndroid.apk428.61 KB
AnimateTiqrQR.png694 bytes